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Order#: LIN-502-503

Size: 10 ¼" x 20 ½" FOLD-OUT




















During the second half of the nineteenth century, Belgium became the center of the world for the cultivation of orchids. Jean Linden (1817-1898) was instrumental in the discovery and introduction of many new species. A native of Luxembourg, he moved to Belgium where he imported more than 1,100 different orchids. His explorations included trips to South America, Cuba, Mexico and the United States. With his son Lucien he founded a nursery known as Horticulture Internationale in Brussels. Together they published "Lindenia - Iconographie des Orchidees" an extensive work issued in monthly parts by subscription over a period of years. It is considered one of the rarest iconographies published on orchids.

Condition: EXCELLENT. Partial separation of the fold crease at the lower border.

Price: $100.00

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