Ordering from my page is easy and efficient. Please follow these steps:

When you are ready to place an order please use the order form below or email (Electronic mail:  the following information.:

1) Month and Year of the magazine or magazines you wish to purchase. Or Item # if it’s a book or Museum-Quality Canvas Print.

                                                      Prices for canvas prints












2) Your mailing address. 

Once I have received your order, I will process it,email you a total, and ask for payment.

You may pay by credit card VISA& MASTER CARD USING PayPal.

Checks, or money orders are also accepted. Using credit card via PayPal will speed up the delivery of your order.

Once payment and your address is received, I will ship out your order usually the next day.

Postal address:


P.O. BOX 855

BETHPAGE, NY 11714-0855

Phone 516-662-1265

Electronic mail:

Standard Wrap .75"              Thick Wrap 1.25"

8x10    $65.00                    $70.00

11x14  $80.00                    $100.00

14x14  $95.00                    $110.00

16x20  $105.00                  $125.00

10x30  $120.00                  $140.00

18x24  $120.00                  $140.00

16x32  $140.00                  $160.00

20x30  $140.00                  $160.00

24x36  $185.00                  $210.00

20x48  $205.00                  $230.00

30x40  $275.00                  $295.00

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