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Keinen Album

Birds & Flowers

Imao Keinen (1846-1924)

1977 - Keinen Kacyo gafu (four seasons) Kyoto Japan

True reproduction of the 1891-1892 original.

Publisher: Yushudo

Author: Keinen Iwao


IMAO KEINEN Kacyo gafu Japanese art books with cardboard case

The Keinen Album full color pages of the Keinen Gacho Gafu.

Title: Keinen Album: Birds & Flowers. 4 books. Each book represents one of the 4 seasons.

Yr. Published: 1977

BIRDS & FLOWERS- Imao KEINEN. KEINEN KACHO GAFU. 4 vols., each approx. 36.6cm×26cm Stringbound, fukuro-toji, Japanese style. Vol.1 [Spring] has 31 color woodblock prints of birds and flowers, of which 7 are huge double page prints. Vol.2 [Summer] has 32 plates, of which 8 are double page. Vol.3 [Autumn] has 38 prints, of which 4 are double page. Vol.4 [Winter] has 34 plates, of which 4 are double page.

Printed Japanese style, read from back to front.   


Item # Keinen

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