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National Geographic . December 1911, Vol. 22, No. 12 

The Palms, Kairowan, Szechuan, China, Fur Seal, Panama Arbitration Treaties. The Panorama  The Sacred City of the Sands. Populous and Beautiful Szechuan. Present Conditions in China. Making the Fur Seal Abundant. The Arbitration Treaties

Magazine is complete and in VG/G overall condition. Spine is cracked but not missing paper.  Interior pages are in very good condition. The Palms (Pictorial Supplement) is included with this magazine. Price: SOLD



National Geographic . November 1911, Vol. 22, No. 11 

Glimpses of Japan, by William W. Chapin, with 24 Pages of Photographs in Color (Summary: The exquisite culture of Japan with its lively outdoor festivals, striking architecture, beautiful gardens and landscape designs is much admired by a Western visitor. Related Subjects: Honshu (island), Japan; Japan; Kyoto, Honshu, Japan; Nikko, Honshu, Japan.)
The Kingdom of Flowers, China, by Ernest H. Wilson, with 24 Illustrations (Summary: In a land where the word flowers can also mean children, China possesses unrivaled botanic beauty, including an enormous tea-plant industry. Related Subjects: Arnold Arboretum, Cambridge, Massachusetts; China; Flowers; Plants; Shrubs; Trees.)
Tripoli (Libya): A Land of Little Promise, by Adolf L. Vischer, with Illustrations and Map (Summary: A severe lack of arable land, a decline in trans-Sahara trade, and a few significant mineral deposits to exploit leave Tripoli facing an uncertain future in a harsh desert climate. Related Subjects: Cirenaica, Libya; Libya; Tripoli, Libya; Tripolitania, North Africa.)
The Great Rainbow Natural Bridge of Southern Utah, by Joseph E. Pogue, with Illustrations (Summary: A natural rock formation in a remote part of the Navajo Reservation, the Great Rainbow Natural Bridge, the largest of its kind, awes and inspires the author. Related Subjects: Bridges, natural; Rainbow Bridge National Monument, Utah; Utah.)
The Mysteries of the Desert (Sahara), by Hanns Vischer (Summary: An abstract from Across the Sahara, describes singing mountains and the town of Murzuk (Marzug) deep in the Sahara. Related Subjects: Deserts; Hamada el Homra, Libya; Libya; Murzuch, Libya; Sahara, Africa)
National Geographic Society Notes


Magazine is complete and in VG overall condition. Spine has a small piece of tape at the foot. Interior pages are in excellent condition. Price: SOLD



National Geographic . October 1911, Vol. 22, No. 10 

New Plant Immigrants, by David Fairchild, with 33 Illustrations (Summary: On a mission to find new fruits and vegetables for American cultivation and consumption, the U.S. Department of Agriculture searches the globe for suitable plants to import.)
A Visit to the Brazilian Coffee Country, by Robert De C. Ward, with 10 Illustrations and Map (Summary: In the country where coffee rules, the author learns about the cultivation and harvesting of the coffee crop and also finds a warm and hospitable people. Related Subjects: Brazil; Coffee; S,o Paulo (state), Brazil.)
A Corner of Old Wurttemberg (Germany), by B.H. Buxton, with 17 Illustrations and Map (Summary: Charming medieval architecture abounds in the towns and villages of this largely Protestant division of the Prussian state of Wurttemberg. Related Subjects: Germany; Wurttemberg, Germany)
Notes on Tahiti, by Harrison W. Smith, with 17 Illustrations (Summary: Traveling among the Society Islands of Tahiti, the author discovers lush, tropical forests and the laid-back lifestyle of the inhabitants.)


Magazine is complete and in G overall condition. Price: SOLD



National Geographic . September 1911, Vol. 22, No. 9 

The Mole Men: An Account of the Troglodytes of Southern Tunisia, by Frank Edward Johnson, with 50 Illustrations
The World’s Greatest Waterfall: The Kaieteur Fall, in British Guiana, by Leonard Kennedy, with 7 Illustrations (Summary: Five times the height of Niagara Falls, British Guiana’s (Guyana) Kaieteur Fall has been seen by few Americans. The author visits the waterfall and captures its magnificence in splendid pictures.)
Notes from a Naturalist’s Experiences in British Guiana, by Carl H. Eigenmann, with 8 Illustrations (Summary: While studying freshwater fishes in British Guiana (Guyana), a naturalist recounts his encounters with indigenous Indians and the breathtaking scenery of Kaieteur Fall and the Potaro Gorge.)
Peculiar Caves of Asia Minor, by Elizabeth A. Brewer, with 5 Illustrations (Summary: A Western woman takes a caravan through the valleys and Arab villages of Asia Minor and finds that she is as much an object of fascination to the natives as they are to her. Related Subjects: Asia Minor; Cappadocia, Turkey; Cone dwellings; Troglodytes; Turkey; Urgub, Turkey)
The Speediest Boat (Hydroplane), by Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor, Illustrated (Summary: A report on the Italian-invented hydroplane, which successfully utilizes the dynamic reaction of water with the boat’s hull, is accompanied by photographs of the boat.)


Magazine is complete and in VG overall condition. Interior pages are in excellent condition. Price:$65.00

Magazine is complete and in G overall condition. Price: $40.00



National Geographic . August 1911, Vol. 22, No. 8 

Notes on the Sea Dyaks of Borneo, by Edwin H. Gomes, with 36 Illustrations
Tunis of Today, by Frank Edward Johnson, with 34 Illustrations
A Journey in Morocco: “The Land of the Moors”, by Thomas Lindsey Blayney, Ph.D., with 23 Illustrations and Map
The Two Great Moorish Religious Dances, by George Edmund Holt, with 3 Illustrations
Recent Population Figures, by Henry Gannett (Summary: A 1910 population census includes figures for European countries, Mexico, and Japan.)


Magazine is complete and in Very Good overall condition. Interior pages are in excellent condition.   Spine is complete. Price: $50.00

Another magazine in similar condition. Price: $50.00

A third magazine is complete and in Very Good overall condition. Interior pages are in excellent condition with the exception of the first torn page.   Spine is complete. Price: $45.00

A forth magazine in G overall condition. Price: $30.00

A fifth magazine is complete. Both covers detached. Spine is missing. Interior pages are in very good condition. Price: $10.00 



National Geographic . July 1911, Vol. 22, No. 7 

SPECIAL ISSUE - Reptiles of All Lands, by Raymond L. Ditmars, with 32 Illustrations (Summary: Distant relatives of the great dinosaurs that once ruled our planet, modern reptiles are smaller in size but greater in number, particularly in warm equatorial regions of the Earth. Related Subjects: Lizards; Paleontology; Poisonous animals; Reptiles; Snakes; Turtles).
The Indian (INDIA) Census of 1911, by John J. Banninga, Illustrated (Summary: It was a monumental task for a vast, diverse country, but on March 10, 1911, the Indian government conducted a census that counted nearly 300 Million inhabitants. Related Subjects: Census; India; Population.)
Boys’ and Girls’ Agricultural Clubs, Illustrated (Summary: Agricultural and domestic arts competitions organized by Boys’ and Girls’ Agricultural Clubs teach children good farming techniques, but also develop their social instincts, and provide invaluable life lessons about cooperation and compromise.)
A Woman’s Climbs in the High Alps, by Dora Keen, with 26 Illustrations (Summary: Climbing for neither fame nor glory, a woman mountaineer recounts her adventures in the High Alps and tells us why she loves the sport and what inspires her to climb. Related Subjects: Alps, Europe; Blanc, Mont, France; Dent du Requin, France; Matterhorn (peak), Italy-Switzerland; Mountain climbing; Rosa, Monte, Italy-Switzerland; Switzerland; Weisshorn, Switzerland.)
Our Friend’s, the Bees, by A.I. Root and E.R. Root, with 21 Illustrations (Summary: Lovers and keepers of bees, the Root family defends the humble nature of these little insects and describes their admirable social structure and work ethic.)


Magazine is complete and in very good overall condition. Interior pages are in excellent condition. Price:$65.00

Magazines in very good/good overall condition. Interior pages are in excellent condition. Price:$60.00



National Geographic . June 1911, Vol. 22, No. 6

A Geologist’s Paradise, by Charles D. Walcott, with 13 Illustrations (Summary: A three-year Smithsonian Institution expedition studying the rock formations of the Rocky Mountains has found Cambrian rocks, containing superb fossils of prehistoric marine invertebrate life. Also included are panoramic photographs of the great mountain range. Related Subjects: British Columbia, Canada; Geology; Rocky Mountains, North America.)
Scenes in the Canadian Rockies, by Rev George Kinney, with 15 Illustrations (Photo Essay)
The National Geographic Society’s Researches in Alaska, by Lawrence Martin, Leader of the National Geographic Society’s 1910 Expedition to Alaska, with 22 Illustrations (Summary: Advancements in glacier study continue through a National Geographic Society expedition.)
The Wonders of the Mosi-oa-Tunga: The Falls of the Zambesi, by Dr. Livingston Seaman, with 6 Illustrations (Summary: The Grand Canyon of the Zambesi, Victoria Falls is Africa’s most majestic waterfall. Related Subjects: Mosi-oa-Tunga (Victoria Falls), Rhodesia; Rhodesia; Victoria Falls, Rhodesia; Waterfalls; Zambezi River, Africa.)
A Flashlight Story of an Albino Porcupine and of a Cunning but Unfortunate Coon, by George Shiras, 3rd, with 26 Illustrations From Flashlight Photographs
Views of Mount McKinley





National Geographic . May 1911, Vol. 22, No. 5 

Our Neighbor, Mexico, by John Birkinbine, with 26 Illustrations
Lower California, Mexico, a Land of Desert and Drought, by E. W. Nelson, with 26 Illustrations
Hunting Whales, A World Industry, by Roy Chapman Andrews, with 35 Illustrations

Magazine is complete and in Very Good/Good overall condition. Interior pages are in excellent condition.  The Map Supplement (Map of Mexico) IS included with this magazine. Price:$60.00 


National Geographic . April 1911, Vol. 22, No. 4 

Pests and Parasites, by Charles L. Marlatt, with 31 Illustrations
Our Greatest Travelers: Birds that Fly from Pole to Pole: and Birds that Make 2.500 Miles in a Single Flight, by Wells W. Cooke, with 13 Illustrations
The Country of the Ant Men, by Thomas H. Kearney, with 14 Illustrations (Summary: Traveling through the Sahara’s Erg region, the author describes the people and the landscape of this arid environment. Related Subjects: Algeria; Ant men; Date palms; Deserts; El Oued oasis, Algeria; El Erg, Algeria; Oued Souf, Algeria; Sahara, Africa; Souf, Algeria; Tunisia)
Recent Geographic Advances, Especially in Africa, by Major-General A. W. Greely, U.S. Army, with 10 Illustrations
American Potash for America, by Guy Elliot Mitchell, with Illustrations (Summary: In an effort to lessen U.S. farmer's dependency on German potash - a key agricultural fertilizer - the U.S. Geological Survey, with the help of the federal government, seeks potash deposits on American soil.)
South Polar Explorations, with Illustrations including Sketch Map of the South Polar Regions (Summary: British, Norwegian, and Japanese teams set out on a year-long expedition to reach the South Pole.)
A Storm in the Desert
Map of Mexico (announcement of upcoming supplement publication in the May 1911 National Geographic Magazine)

Magazine is complete. Front cover was torn and repaired with tape. Otherwise in Very Good overall condition.  Please NOTE: Panorama Supplement (The Ocean of The Sahara) is NOT Included with this Magazine. Price:$55.00



National Geographic . March 1911, Vol. 22, No. 3 

Luzon Wild Men, Army & Aviation Honors, Hunting Walrus, Cuernavaca, Southern Mexico. Field Sports Among the Wild Men of Luzon, Philippine Islands. Honors to the Army and Aviation. Hunting the Walrus in Berining Strait. Cuernavaca, the Sun-Child of the Sierras. Notes on Southern Mexico

Magazine is complete and in Very Good/Good overall condition. Interior pages are in excellent condition. Pencil writing on spine indicating month/year of publication.  Spine has a 1/2" chip at the bottom corner. Price: SOLD



National Geographic . February 1911, Vol. 22, No. 2 

The Panama Canal, by Col George W. Goethals, U.S. Army, with 48 Illustrations
The Snake Dance, by Marion L. Oliver, with 31 Illustrations (Summary: In the Hopi town of Oraibi, the author witnesses the tribe’s snake dance, a sacred purification ceremony. Related Subjects: Arizona; Dancers and dancing; Hopi Indians; Oraibi, Arizona; Religious ceremonies and festivals – Animist; Snake dance; Dancers and dancing; Religious ceremonies and festivals.)
Taming the Wild Blueberry, by F. V. Coville, Illustrated (Summary: The cultivation of the wild blueberry could prove a profitable industry should its production be mastered in similar fashion to the cranberry.)
National Geographic Society Notes

Magazine is complete and in Very Good/Good overall condition. Front cover is torn 1/2". Interior pages are in excellent condition except for page 135 which is torn but not missing paper.  Spine has a 1/2" chip at the bottom corner. Price: $50.00



National Geographic . January 1911, Vol. 22, No. 1 

Africa, US Population, Women of the World, Damascus, Philippines, Dumboy, Oman, Forest Fire, Mr Roosevelt's Specimens. Wild Man and Wild Beast in Africa. The Population of the United States. Women of All Nations. Damascus, The Pearl of the Desert. Surveying in the Philippines. Dumboy, the National Dish of Liberia. Notes on Oman. Protecting Our National Forests from Fire. Preparing Some of Mr. Roosevelt's South African Specimens.

Magazine is complete and in Very Good/Good overall condition. Interior pages are in excellent condition. Price:SOLD


EX - Essentially unblemished.

VG – Spine intact, clean covers, Pages clean and free of tears, spots or stains.

VG/G - Shows slight cover wear or slight cracking of the spine. Pages clean and free of tears, spots or stains.

G – Shows slight cover wear. Portions of the spine may be chipped off.



1-4 Magazines - $6.70 USPS Priority Mail

5 -12 Magazines - $13.45 USPS Priority Mail

Actual shipping charges via USPS Mail rate on more than 12 Magazines.

International shipping rates will be quoted.

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