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National Geographic . December 1910, Vol. 21, No. 12

Race Prejudice in the Far East, by Melville E. Stone, General Manager of the Associated Press, Illustrated (Summary: If the United States is to retain influence in Asia, argues the general manager of the Associated Press, Americans and Europeans must recognize that racism toward the people who live there can give rise to potentially dangerous levels of resentment.)
Some Mexican Transportation Scenes, by Walter W. Bradley, with 10 Illustrations (Summary: In addition to more modern methods, the burro, ox cart, and water carrier are some of the means of transport in Mexico.)
The Isthmus of Tehuantepec: “The Bridge of the World’s Commerce”, by Helen Olsson-Seffer, Illustrated (Summary: The article examines the lives and history of the people who live near the new railroad in southern Mexico.)
Hewers of Stone, by Jeremiah Zimmerman, D. D., LL. D., with 11 Illustrations (Summary: The ruins of Mitla, with their extensive mosaic fretwork, are among the most beautiful, interesting, and best preserved in Mexico.)
Agricultural Possibilities in Tropical Mexico, by Dr. Pehr Olsson-Seffer, Late Commissioner of Tropical Agriculture to the Mexican Government, with 18 Illustrations (Summary: Every country needs tropical dependencies, the author says, to keep itself supplied with coffee, tea, sugar, spices, and more. Even if developed to full capacity the Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii would not suffice to meet U.S. needs. The solution is at our door, in Mexico.)
An Interesting Visit to the Ancient Pyramids of San Juan Teotihuacan, by A. C. Galloway, with 9 Illustrations (including outline map of Mexico) (Summary: The largest prehistoric structure in the Americas, the Pyramid of the Sun, and the Pyramid of the Moon, likely of Toltec origin, are filled with idols and artifacts.)
A North Holland Cheese Market, by Hugh M. Smith, Deputy Commissioner, U. S. Bureau of Fisheries, with 17 Illustrations (Summary: The most extensive cheese trade in North Holland occurs on Fridays from 10 to 11 am on a stone-paved square in the town of Alkmaar. In the course of one hour about 100,000 cheeses are sold.)
An Ideal Fuel Manufactured out of Waste Products: The American Coal Briquetting Industry, by Guy Elliott Mitchell, Illustrated (Summary: An estimated 200 million tons of anthracite was lost last year in the United States. If that slack was pressed into briquettes, a procedure followed in Germany and France, the U.S. would be rewarded with hotter fires, quicker ignition, and less smoke than from marketed coal.

Magazine missing both covers. Interior pages are in very good condition. Price: $25.00

Ex library copy (with  stamp on front cover and page 973) - Magazine is complete in good overall condition. Spine is missing all of the paper. Price: $18.00

National Geographic . November 1910, Vol. 21, No. 11

Korea, China, Lignite, Liberia, Sparrows, Roosevelt Safari, Mistletoe, Cannibals., Glimpses of Korea and China , A New Source of Power, Kboo, a Liberian Game, The Pest of English Sparrows, Mr Roosevelt's "African Game Trails", The Mistletoe, The Man Without the Hoe, Among the Cannibals of Belgian Kongo

Magazine is complete and in VG/G overall condition with minor cover wear. Spine is chipped and missing 1/2 inch of paper.  Interior pages are in excellent condition. Price: $35.00. Another copy in similar condition are also available. Price $35.00



National Geographic . October 1910, Vol. 21, No. 10 

The Portuguese Colony of Mozambique: Impressions and Scenes of Mozambique, by O. W. Barett, with 31 Illustrations (Summary: Although as big as the Atlantic states from Florida to New York, Mozambique is little known to the nations beyond East Africa. But not for long, the author says, with labor costs at just $2 to $5 a month colonists will come.)
The Lost Wealth of the Kings of Midas (Asia Minor), by Ellsworth Huntington, with 15 Illustrations (Summary: A trip to Asia Minor is undertaken to determine what has caused the transformation of a once rich empire into a place of poverty. The fundamental cause, the author explains, is nature itself, an absence of precipitation is leading to nomadism. Related Subjects: Phrygia; Turkey)
A Talk About Persia and Its Women, by Ella C. Sykes, with 22 Illustrations (Summary: Domestic life in Persia resembles that of the age of the patriarchs: Girls come into the world unwanted, are separated from boys by the age of eight, are veiled day and night, and when they leave their quarters must be covered from head to toe by a blackchador.)
The Greatness of Little Portugal, by Oswald Crawfurd, with 11 Illustrations (Summary: Vestiges of Portugal’s greatest periods during the triumph of Christianity and the rule of Prince Henry the Navigator can be found in the country’s decorative art and language.)
The Woods and Gardens of Portugal, by Martin Hume, with 9 Illustrations (From “Through Portugal”, by Martin Hume. Doubleday, Page & Co. 1908.)

Magazine is complete and in VG overall condition. Spine is intact.  Interior pages are in excellent condition with the exception of the first advertisement  page which is torn. Price: $35.00

Magazine is complete and in VG/G overall condition.  Spine is intact. Front cover is partially detached. Interior pages are in excellent condition. Price: $30.00

Magazine ( third copy) is complete and in VG/G overall condition with minor cover wear.  Spine is chipped. Interior pages are in excellent condition. Two like this are available. Price: $30.00

Magazine (forth copy) is complete and in G overall condition with minor cover wear.  Spine is missing paper. Interior pages are in excellent condition. Price: $25.00 Another copy with the cover detached is also available. Price $20.00



National Geographic . September 1910, Vol. 21, No. 9 

Notes of the Only American Colony in the World (Liberia), by Edgar Allen Forbes, with 14 Illustrations
Conditions in Liberia, Notes from the Report of the Recent Commission to Liberia: Messrs Roland P. Folkner, George Sale, and Emmett J. Scott, with 9 Illustrations
The Greatest Volcanoes of Mexico, by A. Melgareio, with 22 Illustrations (Summary: After Mount McKinley in Alaska, Mexico’s Popocatepetl is the tallest mountain in North America and one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Photos are also presented of Toluca, Iztacchihuatl, and Orizaba are included.)
The Fringe of Verdure Around Asia Minor, by Ellsworth Huntington, with 15 Illustrations (Summary: Not unlike the coast of California, Anatolia is ringed by mountains, making for abundant vegetation on the seaward slopes but dry, bare country beyond the mountain’s crests. Related Subjects: Armenia; Asia Minor; Kuzzililar, Turkey; Turkey)
Notes on Normandy, by Mrs. Geo. C. Bosson, Jr., Illustrated (Summary: Normandy’s history, including 30 years of English occupation, makes it in many ways a separate land from the rest of France.)
Our Greatest Plant Food, by Guy Elliott Mitchell, Illustrated (Summary: In estimating the possible limit of American civilization, strength, and supremacy, the author believes one must take into account the nation’s limited supply of phosphorus, a vital agricultural fertilizer.)
Curious and Characteristic Customs of China, by Kenneth F. Junor, M. D., with 8 Illustrations (Summary: In many ways the customs of the Chinese are the reverse of the western world’s: A horse is mounted from the right, intelligence resides in the stomach, and a vest is worn outside the coat.)

Magazine is missing front cover. Interior pages are in excellent condition. Price: $20.00



National Geographic . August 1910, Vol. 21, No. 8 

THE SOUTHWEST: Its Splendid Natural Resources, Agricultural Wealth, and Scenic Beauty, by N. H. Darton, of the U. S. Geological Survey, with 22 Illustrations (Summary: With the recent admission to statehood of Arizona and New Mexico, Americans are giving increasing attention to the resources and conditions of the region. Among the most promising new industries are tourism and health resorts.)
A Land of Eternal Warring (Labrador peninsula, Canada), by Sir Wilfrid T. Grenfell, with 24 Illustrations (Summary: The coasts of Labrador are ceaselessly pounded by the sea, while abysmal cold wages battle with the sparse flora of more sheltered spots. Nonetheless this land holds appeal for some though, sea-loving, and self-reliant settlers.)
Notes on the Deserts of the United States and Mexico, by Daniel T. MacDougal, with 16 Illustrations (Summary: Cactus and other desert vegetation show a remarkable variety of adaptations to the arid conditions in which they live.)
Camp Fires on Desert and Lava, with 3 Illustrations (book review of title Camp Fires on Desert and Lava, by Wm T. Hornaday, Sc. D.) (Summary: Terra incognita until now, the Sonoran Desert between

Magazine is complete in Very Good/ Good condition. Spine is missing 1/4 inch of paper at the bottom. Front cover is chipped at the lower corner. Interior pages are in excellent condition. Price: $ 40.00. 

Magazine is complete in good condition. Spine is chipped and taped. Interior pages are in very good condition. Price $25.00


Magazine is complete. Both covers detached. Spine is missing. Interior pages are in very good condition. Price: $10.00.

A forth copy missing covers is also available. Price: $8.00.




National Geographic . July 1910, Vol. 21, No. 7 

The Date Gardens of the Jerid (Algeria-Tunisia; Sahara), by Thomas H. Kearney, with 20 Illustrations (Summary: Among all the groves of date palms that lie between Morocco and India, this group of oases southwest of Tunis furnishes the most promising dates for transplantation to U.S. soil.)
Carrying Water Through a Desert: The Story of the Los Angeles Aqueduct (California), with 20 Illustrations (Summary: At the northern edge of the Mohave Desert, snowmelt from the Sierra runs into a 75-square-mile alkaline sink called Owens Lake, while some 250 miles to the south are a hundred parched L.A. communities. Under the direction of chief engineer William Mulholland, 5,000 men are building a system that will carry this much needed water to the San Fernando Valley.)
Guatemala, the Country of the Future, by Edine Frances Tisdel, with 34 Illustrations
Angola, the Last Foothold of Slavery, with 6 Illustrations



 National Geographic . June 1910, Vol. 21, No. 6 

Some Tramps Across The Glaciers and Snowfields of British Columbia, by Howard Palmer, with 25 Illustrations
Where Women Vote (Finland), by Baroness Alletta Korff (Summary: Finnish women have had the right to vote since October 1906. The result has been positive overall, the author says, but it is also well to remember that Finnish women have been admitted to university for more than 30 years and that they have held jobs in banking and government.)
Costa Rica, Vulcan’s Smithy, by H. Pittier, of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, For 15 Years Director of the Physical Geographical Institute of San Jose, Costa Rica, with 32 Illustrations (Summary: The mountains of southern Costa Rica are old and without volcanic activity, while the mountains of the northwest are newer and composed of mostly active and semi-active volcanoes. Photographs highlight these volcanoes and the destruction they’ve caused.)
The Erratic, by O. A. Ljungstedt, of the U.S. Geological Survey, with 6 Illustrations (Summary: Isolated, out-of-place boulders in the northern states of the U.S. give evidence of Ice Age glaciers more than 200,000 years ago.)
A Primitive Gyroscope in Liberia, by G. N. Collins, Illustrated (Summary: The gyroscope may be new to steamships and toys, but the principle can be found in an old top-like amusement that is in use among the Golahs of Liberia, in West Africa.)
European Tributes to Peary, Illustrated (Summary: All the nations of Europe unite to give Commander Peary a royal welcome during his lecture tour of England and the Continent.)

A copy in Good/poor condition is available. Price: $20.00 


National Geographic . May 1910, Vol. 21, No. 5 

The House Fly, with Enlarged Photographs of the Fly, by N. A. Cobb
Notes on the Distances Flies Can Travel, by N. A Cobb (Abstracted from “Fungus Maladies of the Sugar Cane,” by N. A. Cobb)
Camera Adventures in the African Wilds, with 11 Photographs by A. Radclyffe Dugmore. Copyright, 1910, by Doubleday, Page & Co.
The First Transandine Railroad from Buenos Aires to Valparaiso, by Harriet Chalmers Adams, with 15 Illustrations
Federal Fish Farming; Or, Planting Fish by the Billion, by Hugh M. Smith, U.S. Deputy Commissioner of Fisheries, with 22 Illustrations
Our Coal Lands, by Guy Elliott Mitchell, with 5 Illustrations
Fishes That Carry Lanterns, Illustrated 
Two copies in good condition are also available Price: $20.00



National Geographic . April 1910, Vol. 21, No. 4 

Landslides and Rock Avalanches, by Guy Elliott Mitchell, with 6 Illustrations
Mukden, the Manchu Home, and Its Great Art Museum, by Eliza R. Scidmore, with 42 Illustrations (Summary: Under Japanese and American influence, Manchuria has progressed from mud sinks and clay bogs to smooth park roadways. Colorful Mukden (Shenyang) is the site of the tombs of Manchu ancestors, and boasts the most marvelous collection of porcelain in the world.)
Scenes in Italy (Not listed on Front Cover): 12 Full-page Illustrations from Photographs
The Spirit of the West: The Wonderful Agricultural Development Since the Dawn of Irrigation, by C. J. Blanchard, U.S. Reclamation Service, with 18 Illustrations
Artesian Water Predictions, Illustrated
Ascending Mont Blanc, Illustrated
National Geographic Society Notes

Magazine is complete and in G overall condition with  cover wear.  Spine is missing portions of paper. Interior pages are in excellent condition. Price: $25.00. 


National Geographic . March 1910, Vol. 21, No. 3 

The Race for the South Pole (Summary: The National Geographic Society awards Sir Ernest Shackleton a Hubbard Medal for his discoveries in the Antarctic and for getting 400 miles nearer to the Pole than any of his predecessors.)
Romantic Spain, by Charles Upson Clark, of Yale University, with 40 Illustrations
The Glacier National Park: A New National Park, by Guy Elliott Mitchell, U.S. Geological Survey, with 6 Illustrations
The Most Curious Craft Afloat: The Compass in Navigation and the Work of the Non-Magnetic Yacht “Carnegie”, by L. A. Bauer, Director of Department of Research in Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution of Washington, with 31 Illustrations
The Duke of the Abruzzi in the Himalayas, Illustrated
In Valais (Switzerland), by Louise Murray, with 6 Illustrations
Scenes in Switzerland (Photo Essay with 13 illustrations from Photographs including 12 full-page black and white photos)
Deer Farming in the United States, Illustrated (Abstracted from Farmers’ Bulletin 330.) 

Three copies in Good condition are also available. Price: $20.00


National Geographic . February 1910, Vol. 21, No. 2

Java, Boghaz Keouy, Hittites, Salwin Valley in Burma, Utah Natural Bridges, South Pole Expedition, Nile, A Traveler's Notes on Java,  An Ancient Capital, The International Millionth Map of the World, The Land of the Crossbow, The Great Natural Bridges of Utah, The South Polar Expedition, Wilkes and d'Urville's Discoveries in Wilkes Land,  The Barrage of the Nile

Magazine is complete and in Good overall condition with some cover wear. Spine is missing portions of paper. Interior pages are in excellent condition. Price: SOLD


National Geographic . January 1910, Vol. 21, No. 1 

The National Geographic Society’s Alaskan Expedition of 1909, by Lawrence Martin, and Ralph S. Tarr, with 54 Illustrations and Maps (Summary: The Society sponsors an exploration of the glaciers along Yakutat Bay and eastern Prince William Sound. A unique railroad project is planned that should give access to copper deposits north of the Chugach Range and coal fields around Controller Bay.)
Photography in Glacial Alaska, by Oscar Diedrich Engeln, Illustrated (Summary: The photographer for the National Geographic Society’s Alaskan Expedition describes the difficulties he encountered in taking pictures of this region – from adverse lighting, moisture, and weather conditions to the need for outdoor developing.)
The Discovery of the North Pole: Annual Banquet of the National Geographic Society (Summary: At the annual National Geographic Society banquet, medals are presented to Comdr. Robert E. Peary for discovering the North Pole, to Capt. Robert Bartlett for attaining the farthest north, and to Grove Karl Gilbert for 30 years of physiographic research.)
The Coal-Fields of Alaska (Summary: The chief of the Alaskan Division of the U.S. Geological Survey reports on the territory’s two areas of high-grade coal: the Bering River Field and the Matanuska field.)

This Rare and Highly Collectible number is the LAST of its kind with the distinctive Brown Covers that were featured over the preceding decade. Also notable are the feature articles related to ALASKA and the NORTH POLE, and including a listing of all the people who attended the Gold Medal Ceremony honoring Commander Robert E. Peary at the National Geographic Annual Banquet

Magazine is complete in Very Good condition. Spine is intact. Interior pages are in excellent condition. Price $65.00  


EX - Essentially unblemished.

VG – Spine intact, clean covers, Pages clean and free of tears, spots or stains.

VG/G - Shows slight cover wear or slight cracking of the spine. Pages clean and free of tears, spots or stains.

G – Shows slight cover wear. Portions of the spine may be chipped off.



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