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 Japanese Woodblock Print Book1892

Date; MEIJI 25 (1892)
Publication; Ookura shoten
Painter; Takeuchi seiho. Imao keinen. Sugawara hakuryu. Kono bairei. Taki katei. Nomura bunkyo. Araki kanpo. Kikuchi hobun. Matsumoto fuko. Kawabata gyokusho. Kubota beisen. Morikawa sobun. etc. There are many famous artists! Most with Artist's seals.
Color woodblock print illustrations are 44 pages. Excellent color and impression!! The carved wooden block has not worn out. Sharp outlines. Early printing

"Kaiga Cho" (Picture Album of Art) Vol.1. Picture album series directed by ARAKI Kanpo and published by Okura Shoten. The format was similar to that of "Bijutsu Sekai" (World of Art). But this one was more elaborately made with deluxe printings and bindings. The issue numbers were smaller and more expensive compare to "World of Art". This volume includes 21 double page and 2 single page prints.

Width Item

6.5 inches = 16.5 cm

Height Item

9.8 inches = 25.0 cm

Depth Item

0.6 inches = 1.5 cm

Item # KAIGA

Price: $595.00

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